Luke Ski: Storyboard Artist



"My Least Favorite Things" - an animatic music video, starring Tammy Faye Starlite, song parody lyrics (and commissioned) by Andy Paley - directed and drawn by Luke Ski ~ April/May 2019

A clip from “Helping Cattus Help” (featuring the song “Do The Thing!” written by Luke Ski), May 2018

A clip from “Extreme Dreams”, August 2018. (See the full 4:42 sequence at )

A clip from “What’s My Name? Starring Vambre & Prohyas Warrior”, May 2018

A clip from “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bothered Some More”, August 2018

A clip from “The Pecking Order”, August 2018

A clip from “Ghosthaste”, August 2018

A clip from "School's In, Oh Bummer", Dec 2017

A clip from "Continue?", July 2017

A clip from "Don't Read The Comments", July 2017

A clip from "Don't Read The Comments", July 2017

A clip from "Share And Share Dislike", Feb 2017

You can see a YouTube playlist with some video clips comparing some of my "Mighty MagiSwords" storyboard animatics to the final episode animation by CLICKING HERE. Videos compiled by David Estes.

688-01 Ghosthaste title card.png

Here are some of the recurring characters that Luke did the voices of on Cartoon Network's "Mighty MagiSwords"! - If you'd like to check out Luke Ski's Animation Voice-Over Demo, go to !

Luke outside CN.jpg

Luke Ski (Luke Sienkowski) is a storyboarder, writer, & voice-over actor who worked on Cartoon Network's "Mighty MagiSwords" from 2015 to 2018, on web shorts and TV Seasons 1 & 2. This website is all about him seeking to continue to live his life long dream to work as a professional in the animation industry creating comedy for television. Please check out these animatic videos of his recent work, and if you're interested in hiring him to work on your show, click "Contact Me" above and send him a message. A Resume PDF will be sent to you upon request. Thanks for visiting, and have an excellent day.

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684-32 Forget it copy.png
684-39 Royal Vambre 1 copy.png
676-27 For the love of the Aminals 1 copy.png
688-13 Kablammica Ragnarok copy.png
688-29 Adventure Vambre copy.png
664-09 Prohyas GGGOOOAAATTT!!! 2 copy.png
692-04 Hey Squirt logo with Witchy copy.png
660-17 Vambre's presentation 15 booted out copy.png
688-42 Penny Plasm 3 copy.png
672-01 HCHelp title card copy.png



Oh, and if you've listened to "The Dr. Demento Show" radio & internet program regularly the past 20-ish years, you've probably heard some of Luke Ski's nerdy comedy music, which gets played on the show quite regularly.