Luke Ski: Voice-Over

Luke Ski (Luke Sienkowski) is a SAG/AFTRA Voice-Over Actor who has worked on Cartoon Network's "Mighty MagiSwords",
as well as being a staple performer on "The Dr. Demento Show" radio/internet program for over 20 years.
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For both web shorts and the full TV series that followed, Luke Ski provided the voices of tertiary characters like Skullivan the beleaguered Level-1 cave monster, Docky Boardman the hot-tempered old sailor man who runs the boardwalk pier, Cattus the One-Blade the nomadic zenned-out do-er of "great justice", Nyando the obnoxious cat kid of 'The Broccoli Dumpling Gang', and whole lot of background pirates, monsters, and disconcertingly odd-looking dogs. 

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"The Dr. Demento Show"

America's legendary purveyor of "mad music and crazy comedy" moved "The Dr. Demento Show" from the radio airwaves to the internet digi-waves in 2010, and has never stopped putting out a new show each week. Dr. Demento has been playing "the great Luke Ski's" comedy music for over 20 years, in which Luke often performs his vocals while impersonating well known celebrities and cartoon characters. Luke Ski is the show's Most Requested Act of the 21st Century. #micdrop


  • Performed in a kids-through-High-School Choral Group - 7 years

  • Performed in Stage Plays and Musicals - 4 years

  • Stand-Up Comedy - intermittently since the 90's

  • Improvisational Comedy - ComedySportz: training in Milwaukee 2 years, performer on the Kansas City team 8 years

  • Comedy Music performer - 24 years - released 11 albums, 2 DVDs, and performed live at hundreds of fandom convention events

  • MC / Host - 15 years - been the on-stage host / master of ceremonies for comedy, music, and other events at fandom conventions

  • Podcaster - 9 years - 3 different current shows including the "Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons" animation podcast with Kyle A. Carrozza

  • Sketch Comedy - intermittently since the 90's, released 3 albums as a part of the sketch comedy quartet "Cirque du So What", 2010 to 2012

  • YouTube Channel - 11 years - featuring music videos, puppet videos, animatics, commercials & such with Luke providing voices / vocals

  • Can do a dead-on impression of Gilbert Gottfried, but since Gil already does V.O. for animation, you could just hire him instead, so nevermind.

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